Catherine Metayer
Music Direction



Inicia la seva formació vocal de ben petita quan entra a formar part del Cor de la Catedral d’Angers.

El contacte permanent amb el cant i la música li desperta la vocació musical que la condueix a realitzar i superar brillantment els estudis de solfeig, de flauta travessera al Conservatori d’Angers.

En el Conservatori Nacional de la Regió de Nantes realitza els seus estudis de piano i de cant i rep per aquesta disciplina el 1er premi  amb felicitació especial del jurat.

She began her vocal training at a very young age when he joined the Choir of the Cathedral of

Angers.Permanent contact with singing and music awakens the musical vocation that leads her

to perform and excel the solfa and flute transverse studies at the Conservatory of Angers.In

the National Conservatory of the Region of Nantes she studied piano and singing and received

the 1st prize with special award from the jury for this discipline.Graduated in musicology at the

faculty of Tours also holds vocational training and orchestra conducting courses in Germany and


in 1979 she created the choir Les Petits Chanteurs du Val de Chézine, a choir of boys and girls 

In 1985, the assistant to the culture of the city of Nantes, Mr.Dominique Pervenche

commissioned the task of creating the Boysss Choir of Les Petits Chanteurs de Nantes, which, in

a five≠year record time, gained prestige and was recognized at international level.They

participate in shows at the Opera de Nantes under the musical direction and scene of

prestigious names such as Marc Soustrot, Victorio Negri, Nicolas Joel, television programs and

the Orchester Des Pays de la Loire and in the International Festival of Childrensss Choirs of the

City of Nantes, where she obtained the 1st.Contemporary Music Prize and 3rd.Grand Prix of

the Contest 

Catherine Metayer continues her training with renowned professors in the world of professional

childrensss choirs such as Edward Higgingbottom (The New College Oxford), Schmitt Gaden

(Tolzer Knaben Chor), James Litton (American Boysss Choir), Petr Eben (Czech composer)

In 1991, the Principality of Andorra requested Catherine to create and form the Choir of the

Petits Cantors d'Andorra, a difficult task, in its beginnings, due to the lack of tradition of such

choirs.The project became an success, so the goberment named the Choir of the Petits Cantors

dssAndorra, as a National Choir 

The Choir has made tours around the world as a worthy musical ambassador of Andorra.These

young voices have been heard in different places of Spain and France, where they could

performed at Unescosss headquarters in Paris.They have also traveled to Portugal, Italy, Austria,

Liechtenstein, Monaco, Switzerland, Belgium, Malta, Canada, the United States, where they

could act at the UN headquarters.They have also performed in the Island of Guadalupe and in


The Choir has accompanied Montserrat Caballé, Jaume Aragall, who sponsored it, and

performed with the orchestras of Ignasi Yepes, Lorca, the Capitol of Toulouse, the Pays de la

Loire, the one of David dssAngers, the Montpellier orchestra, and the ONCA National Chamber

Orchestra of Andorra 

They have also been received, listened to, and congratulated by Ireneu Segarra on the

Montserrat schoolchild, and they were directed by the Little Chanteurs of Saint-Marc (Chicos del

Coro)directed by Nicolas Porte in 1986 to sing in a memorable concert at the Notre≠Dame de

Fourvière de Lyon Basilica 

Catherine Metayer has been a member of the jury for the duration of the Concurs Internacional

de Cant Montserrat Caballé 

She has also received important decorations:

  • 1997: Chevalier lssordre national du Mérite 

Nicolas Licciardi

He began piano studies at the age of 6 in Bourg≠Madame, then at the Marguerite Long School

and at the Regional National Conservatory of Toulouse 

At 11 years old he obtained the first prize of virtuosity of the Concours Musical de France 

Followed Masterclasses by V.Yankoff, F.Clidad, A.Queffelec, J.Rouvier, L.Cabasso, A R El


After the gold medal, he is admitted to the Superior National Conservatory of Music of Paris in

the class of G.Pludermacher and C.Desert where he obtains the prize (TB)in 2007.He

completes with V.Coq, pianist of the trio Wanderer.

In the framework of «Young Talents» he gave several concerts in Paris 

He performs as a soloist and chamber musician at the Hix Festival in Cerdanya, with the quartet

Parisii, the cellist X.Phillips, the violinist Da Min Kim, participates in the Prades Festival, the

Saillagouse Festival with the GlinKa Quartet, at the Festival AMusikenvignes, at the

Romanesque Andorra Chamber Music Festival with Jordi Albelda, a very talented young

Andorran cellist, and also with various sets of chamber music 

Often performs at the Santa María de Puigcerdà Chapel, the Choir of Camilleras de Saillagouse,

the Carol Choir in Music and the Transfrontier Choir of Cerdanya.He is the pianist of the Choir

of the Petits Cantors dssAndorra, the Choir of the Valleys of Andorra, the Chapel of Santa Maria

de Puigcerdà and the Choir of the Cross-Border of Cerdanya 

Rebeca Ballestar
Musical Language

Professor of Musical Language of the Petits Cantors dssAndorra 

Born on April 3, 1988 in Barcelona.She began hes studies at the age of 6 at the Professional

Music Conservatory of Badalona where she studied violin, piano and flute 

She has received lessons from violinists such as Joan Orpella, Anna Beget, Gonçal Comelles and

Marco Fiorinni 

She is currently part of the Simfonova Symphony Orchestra and the Barcelona Philharmonia

Orchestra.She has played under the direction of Alfons Reverté, Mark Friedhof, Manel

Valdivieso, Daniel Antolí, among others 

She has played in various European countries and has participated in various music festivals as

well as recorded television shows and concerts 

Degree in Musical Teaching from the University of Barcelona and Master in Learning Disabilities

and Language Disorders from the Universitat Oberta de Catalunya.She expands hes training by

doing Dalcroze Rhythmic courses and other related to the world of education 

Has developed the pedagogical career as a music teacher in primary education centers of the

Generalitat de Catalunya and in music schools in Barcelona and Andorra.Since 2017 she has

been a teacher of violin, piano and musical language at the Institute of Music of Andorra la