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Our story began with a visit from Metayer to Andorra with the Choir of Nantes.The Choir was

born in 1991, when Catherine Metayer, signed by Marta Deu and Josep Dallerès, created from

scratch a children’s choir, it was requested by the Principality of Andorra to create and form the

Petits Cantors d'Andorra, what became very soon , in 1993, the National Choir 

The first concert was the Christmas eve of 1991, in the church of Santa Eulàlia.There were

thirty children under the direction of Catherine Metayer 

The name Andorra has traveled through the world: France, Spain, Portugal, Italy, Switzerland,

Monaco, Belgium, Austria, Liechtenstein, Canada or the United States are some of the countries

where they have performed 



The Choir has a long history.In 1997, the then National Choir of Petits Cantors d’Andorra

performed at the United Nations on the first recital of a tour of the United States.In 1998 they

performed at UNESCO.Also at the Vatican, where they sang the New Year Mass, before Pope

John Paul II.They attended a meeting of ¢Pueri Cantores¢ in Rome 

In 2010 after a series of changes at the choir, what until then was just a choir with boy voices,

became a choir that included voices of boys and girls.As of this moment the Choir is known as

Petits Cantors d’Andorra

Currently, thanks to the support of M I.Government, the Comú d'Andorra la Vella that provides

its facilities, patrons, benefactors, sponsors and friends, the children continue to receive an

artistic, cultural and human education of great value for their personal growth, and they

continue their mission at the service of the country and choral singing 

The singers come from the Andorran seven parishes, as well as from the different educational

systems: Andorran, French and Spanish.This diversity represents a great wealth for our


They receive and transmit the legacy of the European choral tradition.With an open and

curious spirit, explore and embrace the universe and the colors of music 

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  • Choral music festival in Lyon, next to the Little Singers of Saint Marc, the Children of the

  • Choir, hosts of the meeting 

  • They have also participated in different prestigious festivals.Among others we emphasize the

  • following:

  • The Paris Festival

  • The Neerpelt Festival in Belgium

  • The Festival of, Basel in Switzerland

  • The Femap Festival of Antique Music

ANDORRA DIFUSIÓ - Memòries d'arxiu - 10 anys petits cantors

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