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ANDCHOR is a group of 10 young people who come and are still members of the CHORUS OF THE SMALL CHINERS OF ANDORRA. Young people who became involved at the age of 10, who have formed and who have never stopped singing.

This group has been created mainly to develop and value the voices of tenors, baritons and basses, which although not yet in their maturity, are still surprising and expectant for their quality, as well as for their records and the colors of your voices.

The female voice, mezzosoprano, often protagonist, is also part of the group, relevant for its beauty, its freshness and its technique.

The D'ANDCHOR repertoire ranges from classical to variety with youthful and dynamic choreography. This training, by its reduced number ", is more" agile "when it comes to convening and acting.

Our desire is always to sing by continuing and improving the vocation and the pedagogical values ​​of the Heart created 26 years ago and that lasts thanks to the warmth and support of the Andorran people.

All these children are from Andorra, and they act under the direction of Catherine Metayer.

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